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Fun Housing Facts in the US

by Dean Kessler
Could you imagine living in a 9,000+ square foot home or buying a house for what you might pay for a car? These fun facts are courtesy of and even though Humboldt County doesn't make the list - I find it facinating to  see how the rest of the country rates.

TOP 10 Cities With the  Largest Homes
1. Barefoot Beach, FL (9,282 sq. ft.)
2. Cherry Hills Village, CO (7,685 sq. ft.)
3. Mendham, NJ (7,582 sq. ft.)
4. Great Falls, VA (7,501 sq. ft.)
5. Potomac, MD (7,385 sq. ft.)
6. Purchase, NY (7,100 sq. ft.)
7. Short Hills, NJ (7,081 sq. ft.)
8. Oyster Bay, NY (6,768 sq. ft.)
9. Old Westbury, NY (6,765 sq. ft.)
10. East Islip, NY (6,622 sq. ft.)

Top 10 Cities With the Smallest Homes

1. Chippewa Lake, MI (888 sq. ft.)

2. McKenzie Bridge, OR (914 sq. ft.)
3. Wetmore, MI (964 sq. ft.)
4. Idlewild, MI (967 sq. ft.)
5. Fort McCoy, FL (973 sq. ft.)
6. Acme, MI (976 sq. ft.)
7. Sugarloaf, CA (1,010 sq. ft.)
8. Bitely, MI (1,011 sq. ft.)
9. Melvindale, MI (1,036 sq. ft.)
10. Albany, CA (1,049 sq. ft.)

Top 10 Cities With the Most Expensive Homes
1. Manalapan, FL ($11,817,000)
2. Alpine, NJ ($11,532,580)
3. Montecito, CA ($8,572,978)
4. Crystal Bay, NV ($7,282,375)
5. Woody Creek, CO ($7,124,545)
6. Hillsboro Beach, FL ($6,888,346)
7. Aspen, CO ($6,796,251)
8. Belvedere, CA ($6,401,889)
9. Sagaponack, NY ($6,243,403)
10. Palm Beach, FL ($6,076,597)

Top 10 Cities With the Least Expensive Homes

1.Mayhill, NM ($20,430)

2. Mahanoy City, PA ($28,567)
3. Springfield, AR ($32,764)
4. Muskegon Heights, MI ($33,878)
5. Fredonia, KS ($38,286)
6. Hagerstown, IN ($39,560)
7. Lancing, TN ($41,289)
8. Shenandoah, PA ($41,365)
9. Idlewild, MI ($41,775)
10. River Rouge, MI ($42,057)

The numbers on this page are per-house average in each city indexed by the Trulia search engine.

P.S. Are you looking to buy a home? Log on to to find information on homes for sale in the area, property statistics and neighborhood information. 

Eureka Home Selling Trends - January 2009

by Dean Kessler
Eureka real estate expert, DEAN KESSLER of THE KESSLER REAL ESTATE TEAM is reporting home sales soared upwards 41% last month.
Kessler notes “The average sales price of a single family home in Eureka increased 14% last month to $281,055 compared to December 2008, but declined 9.9% from the same reporting period one year ago.”
Kessler went onto say “In many sales, the increase in sales price may be artificial as Buyer Agents are negotiating with Sellers to pay a hefty portion of the Buyer’s closing costs in the sales price. This can inflate the sales price upwards an additional 6% above the Sellers asking price. The good news, it allows the Seller to sell and the Buyer to buy.”
The chart below shows real estate activity for the Eureka area as compared to the same time last year.
January 2009
% Change
January 2008
Active Listings
Bank Owned Sales
Average Sales Price
Time Supply of Inventory (months)
A quick look at the least and most expensive homes sold in the Eureka area include a $155,000 2bed/1bath home “Bank-owned” sale in Myrtletown and a $441,000 3bed/2bath “New Construction” sale in Cutten.
The top 3 categories of Home Buyers last month include:
·34% were investors
·21% were 1st time homebuyers
·14% were buyers relocating to the area
Dean Kessler

All statistics courtesy HMLS. 

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