The Tour de France, the world's most prestigious and challenging bicycle race, rolled out of Rotterdam on July 3rd heading south into France. This year the 198 riders are circumnavigating France in a clock-wise direction. And for me, each day evolves around the live video feeds coming from France. Television coverage generally starts at 4:30 am, and I'm there in front of the TV in my PJ's with my french maps spread out in front of me, eating a bowl of oatmeal watching these premier athletes suffer. And I'll try to watch the day's race again when it's rerun in the afternoon or evening. For 21 days these guys cycle 4-5 hours averaging 120 miles per day. Drenching rains, searing heat, relentless wind in your face flats, leg-breaking mountains, the Tour goes on.

I love when the TV cameras focus in on the cyclists faces as they dance on their bike pedals flying up steep mountain roads cresting Alpine mountain passes. I focus in on their facial intensity as they command their body and spirit thru excruciating throes of fatigue and pain. It reminds me of the power I have within me of mental focus. Do I know my goals and have I mapped a road of achievement. And will these roads sometimes be steep with an oaccasional Alpine pass to conquer. If there isn't an occasional Alpine pass, maybe the goals aren't lofty enough!  

Just a couple more days of the Tour left to watch. And on July 26th, I get to sleep in late.