This is my first month’s post “government intervention” report. The 1st time homebuyer $8,000 tax credit expired the end of April. It won’t surprise you to learn the number of homes going under contract dropped by 25% compared to the same time last year. So if our government’s tax credits are gone, how are first time homebuyers still buying homes?

              First time homebuyers are still out in force and making home buying decisions. “Why is this, Dean” you ask? The easy answer are loan interest rates remain below 5% and home prices are very affordable. With this combination, homebuyer mortgage payments rival a rent payment.

The stories of loan money not being available for home buying is simply untrue. Sure, lenders are asking for reams of documents from the buyer, scrutinizing every piece of paper and making the loan approval process maddening with requests for the absurd. How does a PG&E bill reflect on a buyer’s loan qualifications? Don’t know, yet I am glad to hear lenders being much more cautions with their lending practices. For too long it was simply too easy to get loans.

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