Dean’s Analysis

There is to much information out there to take in about “The Real Estate Market”. Keep in mind that the news source may be of a national perspective or a California perspective. It might even be a Las Vegas perspective.

My point is this, our real estate market is a local phenomenon. What’s read in newspaper, heard on radio and seen on TV is  likely an “average” of a national level. Ask a top agent in the community (I am one of them) to gain your best perspective on our local real estate market.

The GOOD News; Interest rates remain below 5%. Sales remain strong in the $150k to $300k price range.

The BAD News: Homes priced above $450k in Humboldt County sit on the market for sale with little activity and few sales, these Sellers must be patient.

The UGLY News: There are a lot, repeat a lot, of vacant bank owned homes sitting out there waiting to come on the market. If even 3 of these discount-priced homes come on our market, well that’s 10% of the market—it drives the other sellers prices down.

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