Hanging by a thread?

Hanging by a thread?


Struggling California homeowners can receive up to $100,000 in free mortgage payment assistance to prevent foreclosure. Find out if you qualify.

Unemployment Mortgage Assistance

Provides temporary assistance to elgible homeowners who have suffered involuntary unemployment.


Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program

Helps elgible homeowners reinstate their first mortgage loan if they have fallen behind dud to short-term financial problems.


Principal Reduction Program

Helps elgible homeowners who have suffered a financial hardship obtain sustainable mortgage payments by reducing principal loan balances.


Transition Assistance Program

Provides one-time funds to help elgible homeowners transition to new housing after executing a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.


Getting started is simple.

Send me an email dean@thekesslerteam.com. Give me the program name which interests you. I will email back to you an outline of Federal and State help available to you, including monies available from the state and how to apply for assistance.

Or allow me to provide you a free, confidential overview of your options and answer questions on these and other government programs to help you avoid foreclosure.

Call or email me today. I'm here to help.

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