Probate Real Estate Sales

Probate Real Estate Sales

How to Interview a Probate Real Estate Agent

A probate real estate sale differs in many ways from a traditional rela estate transaction. Asking pertinent questions can help you understand the process and determine which agent can best assist you in selling your probate property. Be sure to consider the benefits of specialized knowledge and years of experience as you interview real estate agents. Following is a list of questions to ask potential agents.

Q: How long have you been selling probate real estate?

Probate real estae sales can be complicated, so it's important to have a seasoned agent who has experience with this specialized marketplace. The agent must be familiar with unique disclosures as well as the terms of the Probate Code so he or she can handle the sale accurately and promptly. The agent should have an established system for clear communication between the parties and be able to explain processes in "plain English" Years of successful experience also contribute to an agent's strong negotiating skills, which will be put to work on your behalf!

Q: How is a probate sale different form a typical real estate transaction?

Probate real estate requires special disclosures and listing/puchase agreements, diligent attention to probate law and a unique marketing strategy.

Q: What sets you apart for other agents?

Look for an assertive agent who can describe his or her services, relevant experience and unique capabilities. As you're asking questions, pay attention to how the agent listens to you and how thoroughly your questions are answered. 

Q: Do you have samples of documents that would have to sign or read?

Agents skilled in probate should have the most current contract doucmentation and disclosure forms for real property transactions. During the course of a probate real property sale, an agent is often called upon to explain the process and paperwork to clients, lawyers, accountants, and administrators, so you want to be sure the agent's explanations are clear and complete.

For a brief summary of must-know information, I have prepared a Phamplet "Selling a Home thru Probate". It contains info about about the Probate process, time frames, Dependent and Independent Administration. To get a copy of this free booklet, email [email protected] and in the subject line enter "Probate". I'll email you a copy right back.

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