Foreclosures Explained

Foreclosures Explained


Foreclosure  What it Really Means and How to Avoid It

Foreclosure wreaks havoc on families, finances and believe it or not, health. Honest, hard working Americans are losing their homes at record levels. The early tally reveals that the nationwide foreclosure rate is worse than during the Great Depression and it’s nowhere near an end. However, there is hope and with knowledge, support and guidance on foreclosure avoidance you too can survive these difficult times.


If you would like to take the first step to understanding the foreclosure process, you have come to the right place. Dean Kessler offers a FREE informative brochure based on his knowledge as a Certified Distressed Property Expert. It’s full of information about foreclosure and real solutions like:

  •  What is foreclosure and what does it really mean? 
  •  Options available and how to implement effective strategies.
  •  Revealing Short Sales and what it takes to get them approved.
  •  Possible consequences of a Short Sale.
  •  How foreclosure affects your credit rating.
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What is a CDPE?
Residential real estate has many specialized areas and many agents take specific courses to deepen their understanding of issues and build upon the foundations they learned when acquiring their real estate license. The Distressed Property certification is one of the most important certifications in today’s market; it gives agents a full understanding of the complexities of short sales, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosures.
Eureka’s own Dean Kessler of The Kessler Real Estate Team at RMK Realty Inc., has earned the designation of a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and is ready to help families in need of his services. “I will help homeowners find the best solution to whatever financial crisis they are facing,” says Dean Kessler. “I am fully informed of the issues and know the detailed processes and procedures for working with and through the banks. There are many options that borrowers can take to prevent a foreclosure and we help our clients identify the options that are best suited for their situation."  

One thing remains the same for the majority of homeowners: the best solution for an individual wanting to sell a property is to seek the guidance, counsel and services of an Educated Licensed Realtor.

Owners in pre-foreclosure should seek out a Certified Distressed Property Expert as soon as possible as the foreclosure procedure timeline in California is 4 months from Notice of Default (NOD) until foreclosure sale.

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